As a third-generation company, we care about the world around us. Sustainability matters.

It’s important to know you’re doing business with a partner who takes good care of our environment. Breathe easy. We’re on it. At Cohber, we do our part every day through several green initiatives. Things like energy-efficient lighting. Lean manufacturing techniques.

Then there’s trash. It’s a biggie. We manage waste like a pro. The result: 100% recycling of paper, aluminum printing plates, corrugated cardboard, plastics, and solvents.

One of the most important parts of our line of work is ink, of course. Cohber only uses environmentally friendly inks and solvents. Our presses print with vegetable-oil-based inks, low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). They’re non-toxic and they produce fewer emissions.

Cohber is FSC® Certified by NEPCon, a partner of the Rainforest Alliance. It’s all part of our belief in making sure the next generation can see the forest. And the trees.