Davis Frame

Davis Frame

Account Executive

Davis came to Cohber in 2014 with a long and storied professional backstory. His career in the print and direct mail business started in 1976 after he graduated from Denison University. He enjoyed the booming 1980s and 1990s in the industry, and witnessed first-hand the revolution of digital printing. He kept abreast of the brave new digital world by actively serving on boards like the Printing Industry of America and Postal Customer Council through the years.

His vast wealth of knowledge about the business has proven an asset at Cohber, where Davis’ experience is a perfect fit with a shop committed to embracing the new and innovative.

“It’s great knowing Cohber’s extensive resources are going to add a tremendous amount of value to any project you bring to us” Davis says. “All you have to do is imagine and we’ll help you make it happen.”

“Printer’s progress for so long meant: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Printer. Your craft developed as you paid your dues and accumulated knowledge,” Davis says. “Digital technology has changed the landscape. It has made so many inroads into the way we receive and read our information that our Apprenticeship will go on and on. The future of print is still being written today. To me, craft means applying the best solution to the marketing challenge—and the solutions get better all the time.”