Direct Mailing Services

We do more than direct mail – we leverage all the tools we have available to turn your simple, mailed postcard into a strategic campaign.

  • 100% guaranteed matched mailing
  • CASS and PCOA compliance
  • Dropship capabilities

Request a quote for direct mail

Request a Quote for Direct Mail

Here’s how we’re different than your typical printer:

Traditional Direct Mail


  • Unable to target a specific audience
  • Unable to tailor message to particular audience


  • No tracking, open, or action data is available
  • No measurable ROI

Not Cost Effective

  • High postage and printing costs with no ROI

Strategic Direct Mail through Cohber

Highly Targeted and Efficient

  • 100% automated matched mailing up to 4 pieces, giving you the capabilities to create highly personalized items and ensuring the right message ends up in the hands of your exact target

Fully Trackable

  • Measurable ROI and real data thanks to our in-house data and metrics team
  • Traceability that mail was delivered and response vehicles that measure the effectiveness of a campaign

Real Savings

  • Save on bundling postage costs, finishing services, and print
  • Our in-house mailing company bypasses many post office procedures, saving a considerable amount in postage costs and delivery time
  • ARS and PCOA compliance standard, correcting more change of addresses than NOCA and CASS alone and significantly increasing uplift rates
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mailing services, direct mail services

Timely. Targeted. Relevant.

Engagement is about being timely, targeted, and relevant. In other words, sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Cohber’s professional sales consultants listen intently and provide printing and mailing solutions to align with your goals.

Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you, from the beginning strategy down to printing and postage.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t “just print.” Anyone with a printer can take a design and multiply it. But we do more than that – we maximize the effectiveness of what we print through data-driven decisions. And we’re willing to share our secrets with you.

You may be using an agency for your direct mail or attempting to do it in-house. When you go through an agency for your print needs, you’ll get the markup from the printer AND a markup from the agency. We’re here to tell you that you can get the same services and better results without the middleman and additional costs.

Direct mail has a more significant emotional impact than digital ads, resulting in a stronger recall up to one week later


Consumers spend an average of 188% more time considering direct mail than digital ads


Those in the financial sector see the greatest ROI on their print marketing campaigns—$13.37 return per dollar spent.


The average household receives only two pieces of direct mail a day, compared to 157 e-mails.


82% of millenials view messages printed on paper as more trustworthy than digital.