There’s nothing quite like the sight of a complex mechanism folding, inserting, and sorting the mail. Fast. Elegant. Precise. Our impeccable letter shop hums along every day, thanks to tough quality control checks and expert technicians. From automated to manual processing, this is where efficiency and aesthetics intersect. And our experience in mailing means Cohber knows how to keep your postage costs low. By sticking to the latest postal regulations and sorting requirements. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Reach A Targeted Set Of Prospects

mailing services, direct mail servicesDirect mail gives your business the unique ability to reach a targeted set of prospects with your core messaging. Whether it be door to door in a blanketed geographic area or a super concentrated customer list, direct mail is one of the few marketing tactics that physically puts your message directly into your customer’s hands – and that’s a message that’s hard to ignore. You can even use that message in their hands to have them sign up for a service that you can use for other forms of marketing, like b2b outbound telemarketing for example, by them registering their details with you online or by posting the card back.

Did you know…

  • 79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately
  • 65% of consumers have made a purchase based on a direct mail offer they received
  • 48% of people will hold on to direct mail for future reference (or a future purchase)
  • Direct mail has a lower cost per lead than pay-per-click, print advertising, telemarketing, or email. However telemarketing is becoming more advanced with ringless voicemail marketing now being used successfully, so this is still a great marketing tool to use.

Types Of Direct Mail Services

Choose Which Best Suits You

mailing services, direct mail postcardThe type of direct mail will depend on who you are trying to reach and what you are trying to say. If you’re a university looking to reach only alumni students, you’ll select traditional direct mail services, which allows you to customize your mailing piece and mailing list, reaching a very specific audience with a very specific message. On the other hand, if you’re a local restaurant trying to attract more customers, you may opt for every door direct mail services, which will blanket the geographic area surrounding your zip code with a coupon or your menu. Either way you go, your message is sure to end up in the hands of your warmest leads.

Traditional Direct Mail Services

  • Choose a format that best fits your message, whether it be a postcard, a mailer, or an envelope.
  • Personalize your piece using your customized list, which we can help you create.
  • Your piece will be mailed to a specific set of prospects, getting the right message to the right customers.

Creating A List

Once you’ve determined your target audience, we can help you create a lead-converting list. We’ll take into account geography, jobs, interests, family life, and more to reach exactly who you want.

Every Door Direct Mail Services

  • Blanket a geographic area with your direct mail piece
  • No need to create or purchase a customized list
  • Affordable postage options

How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

mailing services, direct mail servicesThere are a number of pieces that go into direct mail – the design, the printing, the list creation, the stuffing, the postage, and the mailing – which add up very quickly if you purchase each separately. We take a unified approach and bundle our services together, so you get the full package without paying for each service separately. We offer a full range of mailing services that include:

  • Inkjet addressing. Inkjet addressing is a cost-effective way to put a unique name and address onto each piece of direct mail. If you’d like to get even more personal, you can customize your mailer directly and have the names and address be a part of the design.
  • Matched inserting. Match your mailer and envelope with 100% certainty using our camera verified matched inserting process. Our camera matches up to three pieces, ensuring that every piece of your mailer is accurate and going to the right person and address.
  • Hand inserting. For custom pieces, hand inserting will be the way to go. Whether it’s a large format or unique shape, our team will hand-stuff your envelopes to make the perfect first impression on your customers.
  • In-line tabbing. Not all mailers need an envelope. In fact, cutting the envelope out of the equation will save you money. Instead, we can apply in-line tabbing to meet postal requirements.
  • Stamping. Your customers will feel unique thinking you hand stamped each envelope you send, but you’ve got a secret weapon in your back pocket. We have a variety of stamps available and will stamp each and every mailer to give a custom and personal feel to your direct mail.
  • Metering. Just have a low volume you need to mail? Metering will probably be the best way to go.
  • Mail Distribution. We’ll take a look at the numbers and decide the most cost effective way to deliver your direct mail, cutting your mailing costs as much as we can.
  • Drop shipping. Make mailing efficient with our drop-shipping service. Instead of going through a distribution center, sometimes it makes more sense to ship directly to the end consumer. Our team will help you determine if this is a feasible option for you.
    The specific cost of your direct mail will depend on the type of service and products you use.

Interested in our Direct Mailing services?

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