We started with the craft of printing. We've evolved into the art of marketing.
Effective email campaigns. Shiny online storefronts. Irresistible personal URLs and landing pages. Let's go.

Online Storefront Solutions

Everyone loves the ease and convenience of doing business online. Cohber can build you a custom web portal for superfast ordering, printing, fulfillment and e-commerce-all in a click or a tap. You can even choose to add extra security measures and testing from Apica Systems or other companies to ensure it can handle the workload you need it to. Just tell us who should have access to your site and what rules you want set up around output, like user-entered data for some fields or preset corporate content for other fields.

From your desktop you can:

  • Upload internally approved marketing materials that include secure user access. Determine which division marketing managers, franchise locations, or independent sales representatives you want to be able to access and print materials.
  • Let users customize certain areas of documents, such the user’s name, title, and contact information.
  • Upload an image library for further document customization.
  • Upload a database of records that help you target audiences down to the individual.
  • View “lives” via online PDFs for real-time approval.
  • Create access rights and billing linkages, such as departmental budget codes.

Imagine. Less waste. Less warehousing. That’s on-demand fulfillment and it works. Cohber can equip you and your team with user-friendly, robust composition tools you can fully customize. From Java and Visual Basic scripting for high-end logic solutions, to highly secure, fully encrypted FTP capabilities. Get ready to geek out.

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PURLs/Landing Pages

With personalized landing pages, your next marketing campaign can produce a unique destination for every single recipient. No matter how you direct them to it. Direct mail, maybe. Or a QR code.

And once they arrive, you can track the results down to the individual. See how they behave. Because each time a recipient visits their page, we gather information about their activity. So you get deeper insight into what makes them tick. What level of interest they’re expressing in your message. And, ultimately, drive better results and a higher ROI.

Email Marketing

No matter how smart and polished your direct mail campaign is, it can benefit from reinforcement from a complementary email. Maybe you’re way ahead of us and you already have a design in mind. Or maybe you just have a few lines of copy and you need a layout. Whatever the case, Cohber can build an email initiative worthy of you. One that reflects your brand and generates results.

First, we obtain an email list based on prospects who’ve already opted in. Next, we’ll walk you through the entire process of building a successful effort. Designing message. Avoiding spam filters. All the best practices. Finally, we’ll deliver in-depth analysis of the results, so you know who read your message-and what they did next. If you are worried about your emails ending up in spam folders, you can take a look at an email checker tool from mailfloss to see how your emails are put to the top of the list without it being missed by your mailing list.

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