Data Processing, Custom Programming,
Postal Processing

Today, good data is more important than ever. It could mean the difference between a successful direct marketing campaign and one that generates poor ROI. Our internal staff has been trained extensively on complex programming principles that enable our clients to benefit from a wide range of services. These include data processing, custom programming, and postal processing/standardization. Data is a main component in running a business, you need to correlate data on your target audience, this is why companies like Paxata can help people with preparing and cleaning their data for optimum use.

Some Data Services we offer are proprietary, and have been developed over the course of several decades with hands on experience.

We also have multiple levels of data security including the protection of personal data as well as heightened security for account numbers, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and medical history. Every precaution is taken to protect your data.

List Cleaning

Take advantage of the refining power of refielding, verification, name parsing, punctuation, appending gender, ZIP correction, improving aesthetics, and more.


Bring together several lists to create a single file with a standardized format-without losing peripheral data fields.

Elimination of Duplicates

End the waste of sending multiple pieces to the same person and improve your response percentages.

Address Suppression

Match prospect files against customer files or “do not contact” files to ensure the right person sees the right message.

Assigning Codes

Build in trackability through generation of source codes, identification numbers, barcodes using dynamic relationship schemes and algorithms.

Sample Selections

Select a sample of addresses using any technique: nth, random, geographically- or demographically- based.

Create Personalized Messaging

Cohber tech experts can create unique fields within your data to push personalized messaging based on audience segmentation. We can even create multiple segments for changes in specific variables-or unique mailing strategies.

Data Modeling

How well do you know your target customers? We can help you understand them better by scoring each customer in a database to see how they’re different. It’s a proven way to improve your response rates-and your ROI-through personalized, relevant messaging. Combine those insights with historical data and you can build messages that resonate more with your audience. Make their eyes widen and their ears perk up. Maybe even make their wallets open.

data solutions

Less waste. Lower cost. More successful deliveries. Get the highest possible postal discount and the most deliverable mail through our sophisticated postal software. Cohber also offers drop shipping services to get you the maximum postal discount.