About the project


That hesitation when you’re introducing someone and you suddenly realize you’ve completely spaced on their name? Can’t just be a Scottish thing, right?

Ann McAllister

What inspired you to create what you did?
The word “tartle” feels otherworldly to me. It made me think of a word Jane Austin or Charles Dickens would have used in a novel. I wanted to create an expression of the awkwardness one would feel in a formal social setting.

What can you tell us about your process to create the piece?
I’ve always loved collecting elements from the past: vintage art, odd pieces, fashion plates and old books. I love to combine these seemingly unrelated pieces to tell a cohesive story. I found the silhouette portrait in a house I just bought—it must be at least 50 years old. The blank outline of a silhouette is the perfect expression of “I know the face but the name escapes me.”

Cohber's Craft

Cohber collaborated with designer and illustrator Ann McAllister to make her FUEL LINGO piece unforgettable on our Kodak Nexpress with 4C + spot dimensional.

Creative Director, Dixon Schwabl

Freelance designers and FUEL creative team members Diane Fitzgerald Harris @dfhdesign and Michele Randall @michele.randall created unique typography inspired by each of the words in our FUEL 18: LINGO calendar. The typograpghy for September’s word “tartle” falls through a hole and trickles down to open space.