About the project


That feeling of disorientation when you’re far from home and feeling completely out of your element? Naturellement, the French have a word for it.

Dan Mulcahy and Stina Kennedy

What inspired you to create what you did?
It was a dark and stormy Daniel. I was restless. Knowing that I’d committed to create something that would represent a word that didn’t exist in English. News sources were filled with images of a U.S. city where hurricane-borne flood waters were cresting somewhere close to thruway signs. Enough to give anyone a sense of dépayesment.

What can you tell us about your process to create the piece?
My partner, Stina Kennedy, came up with a number of compelling visuals that could convey the French sense of unease within a new environment. As is often the case, the creative process requires a thesis vs. antithesis leading to an artful synthesis. That may be what happened. But more likely we got lucky.

Cohber's Craft

The word is about being out of your element. Clearly, the creative team was anything but. To pay homage to their great idea, we printed on gloss white Sappi McCoy with overall dull UV varnish + spot gloss UV strike-through.

Creative Director
Bush Communications

Freelance designers and FUEL creative team members Diane Fitzgerald Harris @dfhdesign and Michele Randall @michele.randall created unique typography inspired by each of the words in our FUEL 18: LINGO calendar. The typography for October’s word “depayesment spirals out of control, off the edge, and in an unexpected direction.