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What made you go with this concept for FAIL?
The subject of failure can be difficult and if you let your failures define you, it can be debilitating. The beauty of it though is that some of your most creative ideas can be born through failure. Your moments of weakness transition into moments of greatness. You have more self-awareness and clarity to take you closer to your destiny. The ability to overcome is what people will remember, not the failure. This message is something that has helped me on my own personal journey. What better way to project it than straight from my own heart with the Rochester skyline in the background? Cue the music.

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Do you think most people are afraid to fail?
The fear of failure is normal and part of human nature. We fear failure because others may view us differently because of it. With failure comes judgement, shame, guilt, disappointment. These aren’t feelings we want to feel on a daily basis. We live in a world where we are quick to share our successes, but broadcasting our failures is not the social norm. That definitely intensifies the fear of failure. Know that everyone will experience failure at some point in their life, but our stories don’t start and end with failure. We fail, we stand up again, we start over.

As the food blogger @sirrochasays, you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram. If you make a mistake, a lot of people will see it. No pressure, right?
Whether I have 10k followers or 10 followers, mistakes will happen. I’m not immune to them, I’m not perfect. I will say having a larger audience, the stakes are higher and there are more eyeballs watching. My strategy has always been to stay true to who I am and post with purpose. Everything I share has an intention, with people and heart in mind. I can’t tiptoe around trying to avoid mistakes. I’d rather approach them head on and be able to learn from them. Hopefully people will like me for me. My weird, goofy, sarcastic, food lovin’ self, mistakes and all.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Is it time to eat? I’m hungryyyyyyyyyy. Sir Rocha Says. Out.

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