About the project

What made you go with this concept for FAIL?
I wanted to express the idea that sometimes failure doesn’t lead to success, or learning a meaningful lesson.  Sometimes failure just leads to more failure, no matter how many motivational quotes say otherwise. The idea for flushing a basketball down a toilet as an impossible task came from a tweet by @BAKKOOONN.

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From the looks of your Instagram account, you seem to have a fascination with toilets. What’s that all about?

It looks like you shot this in a public restroom. Did anyone walk in on you?
This video is actually a combination of CGI, miniatures, and green screen. It took 12 days to shoot and cost $500,000.

About the FilmMaker


While @dfhdesign @kisskissdahling and @michele.randall were concepting the visuals for this year’s FUEL calendar, the idea of the Seattle gum wall really stuck out. Located in an alley under Pike Place Market, the wall was started with a few wads of gum around 1999. Despite the city’s efforts to clean it, it won’t be gone anytime soon. Not only has the wall become a beloved tourist attraction, but gum (the second largest form of litter behind cigarette butts) remains gum forever. Which raises the question: is the gum wall a #win or a #fail? #cohberfuel #deepthoughts