About the project


This literally translates from Swedish to “every man’s right.” In Sweden, it refers to a utopian kind of openness: the freedom to roam any public land whether you’re walking, boating, cycling, skiing or teleporting.

Rob Warchol

What inspired you to create what you did?
I broke it down to how I like to roam and that is by bike. The levels of zoom touch into the different head spaces you go into when you ride.

What can you tell us about your process to create the piece?
I really wanted to go beyond the page and make you connect the roaming lines. I started by drawing lots of scribbles then crafting them on the computer with my tablet. When you look at them you can start to see things like a big ampersand and a turtle.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I didn’t want to use the word literally, but I wanted to include a touch of it. So, you can see two dots, inspired by the umlaut from the word. This acts as a starting point. The color palette of my piece is inspired by the Swedish flag.

Cohber's Craft

We printed on Transcendia ProPrint Vinyl White on our 8-color Heidelberg UV press to bring his abstract cycling scene to life. Spot gloss UV coating makes Rob’s fluoroscent “roaming lines” really pop.

Senior Art Director

Freelance designers and FUEL creative team members Diane Fitzgerald Harris @dfhdesign and Michele Randall @michele.randall created unique typography inspired by each of the words in our FUEL 18: LINGO calendar. The typograpghy for June’s word “allemansratten” forms an open angle that spreads, curves, loops and scatters.