About the project

What made you go with this concept for FAIL?
FINN: Because you can’t always play great every day, so you need to keep trying.
MAGGIE: I like soccer and I wanted to show how I keep trying.

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Was it fun to make this film with your family members?
FINN: Yes, because my brother Eamon is crazy and I love to hang out with my family.
MAGGIE: I always play soccer with my sister but I had no idea what my brother or Alice (that’s my dog) were going to do.

Why do you think people are afraid to fail?
FINN: No one wants to look bad in front of others.
MAGGIE: I wouldn’t know. I never fail.

About the FilmMakers

Finn, age 9, Maggie, age 11, Eamon, age 13


The idea of urban sprawl struck our FUEL creative team as a major #fail. While concepting the visual, the classic Albert Brooks’ film Lost in America sprang to mind. In the flick, Brooks’ character, a disillusioned adman (and his wife, played by Julie Hagerty) escape the ‘burbs and head west in an RV.  #americandream #sprawl #cohberfuel #fail