About the project

What made you go with this concept for FAIL?
Understanding failure involves understanding the vulnerability of being human. Failure is a personal experience. You can succeed at something (and even appear to exceed other people’s expectations of success), yet still experience a sense of failure in process. So this personal idea of failure is seeing yourself without the masks that we put on to portray success. To accept failures is to accept your vulnerabilities. And that makes you stronger as a person in the process. The lessons learned from facing failures are the most powerful.

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As a creative person, what scares you the most about failure?
There’s always the fear that my idea or execution will not be good enough or understood and it will be boring, unwelcomed, etc. It’s not a bad thing. It keeps my work honest. An idea has to pass so many checkpoints and my own inner checkpoints have to include seeing possible failures as a way of navigating the idea to its best possible outcome. Even then, there’s no guarantee.  Failure happens because of the things you can’t anticipate. Or, the risks were high but I gambled anyway because I felt the idea had merit. These experiences become the process of understanding success in the long run.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I felt like I failed this project, too, even though I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses to my video. There will always be that critic in me who says it’s never good enough, but that’s what pushes me to do better than what I did before.

About the FilmMaker

James Bogue
Art Director | Web Designer | Photographer
twitter: @houseofbogue


We scoured hundreds of holiday fail images and finally settled on @dfhdesign photo of her own daughters’ visit with Santa.  #naughtyandnice #fail #cohberfuel