About the project


This literally translates to “rubber time,” or, how not to get frustrated in Indonesia. Hint: it’s only possible for those who live life in a very relaxed way.

Sara Frisk

What inspired you to create what you did?
I was intrigued by the idea of ‘rubber time’ and wanted to illustrate the notion of time having its own agenda and its own form. As the phrase jam karet indicates, the real magic happens when you’re able to embrace your limited control of the resource and let its innate qualities shine through.

What can you tell us about your process to create the piece?
I knew I wanted to create letter forms, but ran through a handful of ideas before landing quite literally on rubber bands. I procrastinated on this piece until I was out of town at my son’s soccer tournament, and ended up going to an office supply store to buy as many different kinds of rubber bands as I could find, and poster board to create a clean background. After multiple attempts forming the phrase, I realized the industrial rubber bands were large enough to enable one letter per band, which felt less contrived and more fluid than stringing together smaller bands. They definitely had a mind of their own, which was true to the spirit of the phrase.

Cohber's Craft

We wanted Sara’s rubber band typography to feel like it was bouncing off the printed page. The combo of an overall dull varnish and spot soft touch coating helped us achieve that vibe.

Ignite Incubation Partner, Salesforce

Freelance designers and FUEL creative team members Diane Fitzgerald Harris @dfhdesign and Michele Randall @michele.randall created unique typography inspired by each of the words in our FUEL 18: LINGO calendar. The typograpghy for August’s word “jam karet” flows, stretches and contracts.